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Sorbello and Sons Farms, Fulton, NY, USA

Growers and Shippers of Onions

We strive to be a source for high-quality yellow cooking onions grown on our farms that result in safe food and a healthy environment.


GreenStar Technology

By upgrading to John Deere's GreenStar computerized guidance system, we are able to integrate an efficient variable rate fertility program. This in turn reduces run-time up to 35%, fuel consumption and emissions, inputs, and overlaps on soil and plants. The system documents every move the sprayer/spreader makes for superior traceability in the field.

Spot Specific Soil Sampling

Giving the soil exactly what it needs by not over or under fertilizing, we can reduce wasted precious resources. This results in a higher quality product and yields while simultaneously reducing our carbon footprint.


GAP Certified - Good Agricultural Practices

We are GAP Certified by the USDA,
U. S. Department of Agriculture

National Onion Association

National Onion Association
Voice for the U.S. Onion Industry
Member Since 1985

New York State Vegetable Growers Association

Member since 1970

Family Farm

1923 - present

From Catania, Italy in 1923 to Ellis Island, New York City, and to Granby, New York, 1923 to present
Mario and Rose Sorbello

Our Story began when Mariano Sorbello left Catania, Italy and arrived at Ellis Island, New York City, in 1923 after serving in WWI. He married Rose Greco and moved upstate to the beautiful rolling countryside of Granby; situated near Lake Ontario on the Oswego River. Mario began his new life “share-cropping” 15 acres of low-lying, dark, rich, organic “muck soil”. Muck is the soil left behind from receding waters that formed Lake Ontario after the Ice Age. He grew hardy, pungent, northern yellow onions that could store all winter. Mario handed the business to his son Morris in 1971. Morris, with his young twin sons, David and Dana, increased the farm to approximately 70 acres. In 1987, Morris, David and Dana formed the corporation of Sorbello and Sons, Inc.

Through much hard work and determination, David and Dana have grown the business together. Currently, David’s sons, Dylan and Rane, are 4th generation farmers (and 5th growing strong). With as much enthusiasm as past generations, they’ve helped their father and uncle advance technologically to meet their high standards. Sorbello and Sons has expanded to 60,000 square feet of onion storage and packing facility to handle 375 acres of onions. All onions are stored in 20-bushel wooden boxes and are available from September 1st through April 15th. In addition, 400 acres of soybeans are grown.


Liz Sorbello at work in the main farm office

Liz Sorbello

Farm MAIN Office: Billing, Payroll

848 County Route 14
Fulton, NY 13069



Dana Sorbello at work in the farm's shop

Dana Sorbello

Equipment & Maintenance Specialist

848 County Route 14
Fulton, NY 13069

315-592-3344 (Fax)

David Sorbello at work in the Packing House

David Sorbello

Production, Sales, Packing & Shipping

630 County Route 8
Fulton, NY 13069

315-593-0650 (Fax)